Projected expenses involved in the Dietetic Internship include the following:

Tuition 2019-2020 $12,850*

Graduate Application fee—$25
Academy student membership—$58
Graduate Registration Fee—$30 per semester
Professional liability insurance—no charge
Lab coat(s)—$35.00 – 50.00
A computer with Internet access—varies**
Headset with microphone – $25 $50
Background Check /Drug Screen—$70 – $130
Medical exam—varies

Registration exam fee—$200

Expenses incurred in attendance at the 5 day orientation program in August:
Lodging (if needed) —$400-800/week (estimate)
Jean Inman 2-Day Review Course (mandatory) –$385
Transportation to DEvaries

* Tuition increases are officially announced July 1 of each year. Financial aid is available. For more information, follow the link for Financial Aid Application Procedures.

** For information about the current University of Delaware recommendations for computer configuration, please visit the technology page.