Interns can expect frequent evaluations on performance. There are formal evaluations at the end of each rotation. The exception is the clinical nutrition rotation in which the intern will receive a midpoint evaluation as well. The performance evaluation becomes a part of the intern’s permanent file. Self-evaluations are important to provide faculty with information about attributes not observed, and to begin the process of determining personal areas of strength as well as those that require strengthening. Telephone conferences are scheduled with the preceptor, intern and internship faculty to review each performance evaluation.

Other formal evaluations include those performed on submitted written projects and those completed on oral presentations. Specific criteria are considered for each project, and are communicated in advance. Internship faculty are available for onsite or remote evaluations for all students enrolled in this program as required.

Informal evaluations occur frequently. The preceptor may inform the intern about observed strengths or deficiencies on a daily or weekly basis. The Program Director or Supervisor identifies problems based on feedback received from preceptors and interns. All are opportunities to gain information about performance before the final evaluation occurs, and should be viewed as a positive opportunity to improve.

Students will receive a final Pass or Fail grade for the practicum portion of the Internship. Letter grades are assigned for the online class.