Steve Goodwin

Steve Goodwin

Associate Professor

Behavioral Health & Nutrition
024 Carpenter Sports Bldg
Ph: 302-831-4451


Current research focus is on how we can impact one’s happiness and positive affect and how this can impact one’s overall well-being. Serving on the Board of Governors for the American School Health Association starting in 2018-2019.


  • The Art of Happiness
  • Inclusive Fitness Training
  • Mental Health and Well-Being
  • International Community Health
  • Health and Physical Activity
  • History of the Olympics


Recent Publications

Orsega-Smith, E., Goodwin, S., Greenawalt, K., Turner, J., & Rathie, E. (2018). “Aging and the Art of Happiness: Time effects of a positive psychology intervention.” Journal of Happiness Studies.

Turner, J., Greenawalt, K., Goodwin, S. & Orsega-Smith, E. (2017). “The Development and Implementation of the Art of Happiness Intervention for Community-dwelling Older Adults”. Educational Gerontology, 43.

Recent Presentations

Goodwin, S., Olsen, L., & Cox, C. (2017, October). A Cornucopia of Creative Teaching Ideas. American School Health Association Conference. St. Louis, MO: American School Health Association.

Orsega-Smith, E. M., Goodwin, S. C., Greenawalt, K., & Turner, J. (2017, May). Instilling the Art of Happiness in Community Dwelling Older Adults. ACCEL Community Research Exchange. Newark, Delaware: ACCEL.

Orsega-Smith, E. M., Greenawalt, K., Turner, J., Goodwin, S. C., & Rathie, E. (2017, March). Predictors of Subjective Happiness in Older Adults. Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. SanDiego, California: Society of Behavioral Medicine.

Orsega-Smith, E. M., Goodwin, S. C., Greenawalt, K., Turner, J., & Rathie, E. (2017, July). Lessons Learned From Teaching the Art of Happiness to Older Adults. International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics World Conference. SanFransisco, California: International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

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