Sean Healy

Sean Healy

Assistant Professor

Behavioral Health & Nutrition
009 Carpenter Sports Bldg.
Ph: 302-831-3997


Dr. Seán Healy is an Assistant Professor of Health Behavior Science and Director for the health, physical activity, and disability minor. Previously, after completed his PhD at the University of Virginia, Dr. Healy worked as an Assistant Professor at Humboldt State University, CA (2015-2017).

Dr. Healy’s research aims to deepen our understanding of obesity and obesity risk factors (e.g. physical activity and sedentary behavior) among youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and refine the use of scalable and sustainable interventions to increase physical activity among this population. Currently, Dr. Healy utilizes big data to examine movement behaviors, and overweight and obesity among youth with ASD. Dr. Healy’s most recent work on behavioral interventions involved the examination of web-based, parent-mediated interventions to (1) increase physical activity among youth with ASD, and (2) to improve motor skills of youth with developmental disabilities. For his research, Dr. Healy received the David P. Beaver Adapted Physical Activity Professional Young Scholar Award in 2017. Dr. Healy is the Books & Media Review Editor for Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly and on the editorial board of Palaestra.


BHAN 342: Introduction to Adapted Physical Activity
BHAN 240: Fundamental Movement Skill

Recent Publications

Healy, S., Pacanowski, CR., & Williams, E. (in press). Weight management interventions for youth with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review. International Journal of Obesity.

Healy, S. Marchand, G., & Williams, E. (in press). “I’m not in this alone” The perspective of parents mediating a physical activity intervention for their children with autism spectrum disorder. Research in Developmental Disabilities.

Healy, S. Block, M.E., & Kelly, L.E. (in press). The Impact of Online Professional Development on Physical Educators’ Knowledge and Implementation of Peer Tutoring. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education.
Baker, K., Garcia, J. & Healy, S. (in press). Adolescent Weight and Health Behaviors and their Associations with Individual, Social, and Parental Factors. Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

Healy, S. & Marchant, G. (in press). The feasibility of Project CHASE: A Facebook-delivered, parent-mediated physical activity intervention for children with Autism. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education.

Haegele, J., Aigner, C., & Healy, S. (2018). Physical Activity, Body Mass Index, and Health Status among Youth with Severe Visual Impairments Aged 13-17 years in the United States. Disability and Health.

Healy, S., Aigner, C., & Haegele, J. (2018). Prevalence of overweight and obesity among US youth with autism spectrum disorder. Autism.

Healy, S., Nacario, A., Braithwaite, R.E., & Hopper, C. (2018). The effect of physical activity interventions on youth with autism spectrum disorder: A meta‐analysis. Autism Research.

Haegele, J., Healy, S., & Xihe, Z. (2018). Chronic disabling conditions as a predictor of physical activity and weight status among young children. Disability and Health, 11(1), 143-148.

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