Chengshun (Richard) Fang

Chengshun (Richard) Fang

Associate Professor

022 Carpenter Sports Bldg.
Ph: 302-831-4261 fax


Research interests: Dietary assessment and interventions using internet technology

Develop and validate dietary assessment tools delivered over the web interface. Develop and evaluate personalized, Web-based nutrition educational modules to help specific populations (ie. College students or Asian American) improving their intakes for certain nutrients, such as dietary fiber or any specific nutrient.


Honors and Awards

Outstanding Delaware Dietitian Award, 2008


  • NTDT200, Nutrition Concepts
  • NTDT366, Social Media and Nutrition
  • NTDT400, Macronutrients
  • NTDT401, Micronutrients
  • NTDT612, Advanced Vitamin Metabolism
  • NTDT631, Advanced Micronutrient Metabolism


Recent Publications

Jerome, D., Baker, S., & Fang, C. (2018). Peer Teaching Promotes Improved Knowledge and Attitudes about MyPlate and SuperTracker among College Students and Increases Self-Efficacy in Peer Nutrition Educators. Creative Education, 9, 979-992. doi: 10.4236/ce.2018.96072

Vining, V., Cotugna, N., Fang, C., & Snider, S. (2016). Dieting Habits of Men. J Community Health. DOI 10.1007/s10900-016-0150-5.

Olesnevich, M., Kuczmarski, M., Mason, M., Fang, C., Zonderman, A., & Evans, M. (2012). Serum ferritin levels associated with increased risk for developing coronary heart disease in a low-income urban population. J of Public Health Nutrition. Jan 10:1-8.

Rozgony, N., Fang, C., Kuczmarski, M., & Bob, H. (2010).  Long-term use of proton pump inhibitors may cause vitamin B12 deficiency in institutionalized elderly individuals. J of Nutr for the Elderly. 29:87-99.

Fang, C. & Leefeldt, A. (2008). Personalized, Web-based Nutrition Educational Module Improved Dietary Fiber Intake among College Students. Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 2008 (pp. 2629-2635). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

Malin, S., Cotugna, N., & Fang, C. (2008). Effect of Creatine Supplementation on Muscle Capacity in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. J of Diet Supp. 5(1): 20-32.


Recent Presentations

Baker, C. Fang, D. Jerome. Undergraduates have Favorable Views towards MyPlate and SuperTracker after Peer Teaching by Nutrition Majors. Poster, Oct 2017 during FNCE. JAND, Vol. 117, Issue 9, A67.

Fraczkowski, M. Tsugranes, C. Fang, C. Umile, S. Baker. Undergraduate Nutrition Students Gain Knowledge and Skills by Leading Grocery Tours. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior Volume 49, Number 7S1, 2017.

Jiang, S.C. Chai, M. Papas, C. Fang. Acculturation, Diet and Psychological Health of Asian International Students at the University of Delaware. FASEB April 2016. Poster Presentation.

V.L. Vining, N. Cotugna, C. Fang, S. Snider. Dieting Habits of Men. JAND. Sept 2015. Page A79. Peer reviewed abstract presented as a poster on Oct 6 2015 during FNCE

Kuczmarski, M. Olesnevich, M. Mason, C. Fang, A. Zonderman, M. Evans. The association of Serum Ferritin Levels to Risk for Developing Coronary Heart Disease. ADA FNCE Sept 2011 San Diego, CA

Fang, J. Feng, C. Manning, G. He. Evaluation of Intakes of Fruits and Vegetables among Foreign-Born Chinese Immigrants. FASEB April 2011. Poster Presentation. Washington DC

Rozgony, C. Fang, M. Kuczmarski. Cyanocobalamin nasal spray as an alternative treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency related to long term use of proton pump inhibitors in the institutionalized elderly. Digestive Disease Week. May 2010. Poster Presentation. New Orleans, LA.

Moltzen, C. Fang, C. Manning. Educational modules created to teach freshman and senior year nutrition students about nutritional genomics were effective. FASEB April 2010. Poster Presentation. Anaheim CA

Research Projects



Fang C. Baker, S. 2016. Produce for Better Health store tour training grant.