Paul Mwasame


  • Bachelors – 2012 University of Pennsylvania
Paul MwasamePh.D. candidate047 Colburn Laboratory  Tel: +1 302 831 2957

Paul Mwasame
Ph.D. candidate
047 Colburn Laboratory
Tel: +1 302 831 2957

Our interest lies in the development of a multi scale microstructure-based framework that will fit into a thermodynamically-consistent and generally applicable for all flows model that will enable a theoretical investigation of concentrated suspensions that exhibit reversible thixotropic behavior. The goal of this research is to develop a materially objective framework that aims to incorporate structural variables of clear physical meaning (therefore amenable to independent experimental evaluations) as the principle internal variables. Ultimately, it is hoped that the constitutive model from this theoretical work will be applicable not only to shear flows where a lot of work has been done, but also to arbitrary flows as well.