We're the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Student Chapter at the University of Delaware, and we're here to share our love (and knowledge) of wind energy with the world!

So what kind of things can you expect to see on this site?

  1. General information about wind energy! Have you always had a pressing question about wind energy that you've just never been able to ask? This website is the perfect place to find out more information! If you're question isn't answered in our FAQ section, you can contact any of us directly (see the "About Us" page, and we'd be more than willing to answer your pressing wind questions!
  2. Postings and opinions about the latest developments in the wind energy world.
  3. The latest research on wind energy! Every other week at UD we hold brown bag lunch seminars to talk about the research we're doing on wind energy. That means that every week, there will be a new blog post talking about new findings in wind!

We're just a bunch of graduate students trying to save the world, one wind turbine at a time.


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