Our Last Week

After nearly a month of exploring rainforests, journeying through mountains, and hiking in the Outback, we end our adventure with a week in Adelaide, one of South Australia’s beach towns. Throughout the week we worked on our book projects, and… Continue Reading

Day 20

Our final adventure began at the Coorong Wilderness Lodge with a kayak trip across the Coorong to the dunes that lead to the Southern Ocean. We discovered a shingled-backed lizard and at the ocean’s edge we collected cockles, a type… Continue Reading

Day 19

On a day packed with cultural enlightenment, we began at the Aboriginal Cultures Gallery in the South Australia Museum where Hayden explained the history, structure and use of artifacts ranging from spears to water carriers and totems. Afterwards, we traipsed… Continue Reading

Day 18

Disoriented from waking up before sunrise, we traded in the colder weather of Tasmania for the much hotter Australian mainland. We watched the landscape transform; Adelaide was primarily a beach town, and, as we furthered along our journey, a dry… Continue Reading

Day 17

We started our day off by eating delicious pancakes before departing the Nepabunna Aboriginal Community. Our destination for tonight was Rawnsley Park Station. En route we stopped at Kanyaka Ruins that was the first settlement for many aboriginals after being… Continue Reading

Day 16

Our aboriginal guide, Hayden Bromley, lead us on a brutal trek into the outback where we were swarmed with flies and had to watch every step for fear of encountering a snake. As we approached the site where we viewed… Continue Reading

Day 15

Our new aboriginal guide, Hayden, enriched our journey from Pichi Richi Park to the Nepabunna Aboriginal Community by making frequent cultural stops. First, we explored the abandoned railroad in the quaint town of Quorn. Afterward, we traveled back 150 years… Continue Reading

Day 14

Disoriented from waking up before sunrise, we traded in the colder weather of Tasmania for the much hotter Australian mainland. As we drove further north, the landscape transformed from a city to the desolate outback. We saw Emus for the… Continue Reading

Day 13

We woke up to the cold crisp air of northwest Tasmania and warmed our selves by taking refreshing walks through Lake St. Claire National Park. We started off with a quick hike around the lake that provided us with spectacular… Continue Reading

Day 12

We finally spotted the duck-billed platypus at Waarree Nature Reserve in Latrobe after making attempts at several other locations along the river. Our main location for the day was Trowunna Wildlife Park, a rehabilitation and research center for Australian wildlife… Continue Reading