Video / Self Recording Options / Screen Recording

A screen capture production is a movie or sequence of still-shots that records the author’s activities while using his/her computer.

Please see our comparison chart with detailed software features.

Jing by Techsmith

An excellent tool for creating screen capture videos (up to 5 minutes in length) or static screen-capture images. Free, but you do have to create an account. This is the easiest and most affordable option, and Jing output can be imported into a Camtasia Studio project if and when you want to move up to a more fully featured product. This tool is available from the Jing Project web site.

Camtasia Studio by Techsmith

Camtasia is an excellent product that allows the user to both create and edit screen-capture video. Camtasia includes an excellent, intuitive interface for editing video, even video not initiated through it’s built-in screen-capture tool. Camtasia has excellent zoom and pan features, as well as good audio management tools. In addition to video editing options such as cutting and pasting segments, it is possible to add title-screens, text overlays, audio overlays, and even quiz questions. These types of slide enhancements are virtually identical to those which one could create using Captivate (below), but are not created automatically. Camtasia does attempt to automatically pan and zoom video to follow the actions of the screen-capture author. These zoom points are easily edited and/or removed using the video editor.

Captivate by Adobe

Captivate provides the ability to generate demonstrations or simulations based on the actions performed during screen-capture, and the capture ‘settings’ provided by the author prior to capture. The resulting video is automatically chopped into segments that are presented to the author as slides, which are enhanced with automatically generated instructions. These instructions can then be edited or removed. Additional instructions and interactions can also be added.