UD Capture / Self Service Studios

UD Capture Self Service Gore 309IT Academic Technology Services offers self-service recording studios in 309 Gore Hall and 208 ISE Lab. The rooms are equipped with a recording station, microphone, and a video connection (VGA cable) for your laptop computer. Using a special self-service interface, faculty can start and stop recordings on their own and create recordings of any duration. The recording files are processed and posted to a course directory on UD’s video server.

Reserving Blocks of Time

Faculty can reserve time in the room using a Google Calendar. Although room reservations are made in one-hour blocks, you will be able to control the actual start/stop times for each recording and to make multiple recordings in one session.

» Schedule a session in Gore 309

» Schedule a session in ISE 208

These calendars will create a calendar invite/entry to your GoogleApps @ UD account. Do not delete or decline the invitation. If you do, your reservation will be canceled and made available to someone else.

You must use your Google Apps @ UD account. If you are having trouble, right-click (or control-click) on the links above and choose “Open in New Private Window” or “Open in New Incognito Window.”

Gaining Access

Faculty will need a key to access Gore 309 and ISE Lab 208. The good news is you probably already have the key–it’s the “media cabinet” key used to unlock the podiums and equipment cabinets in most classrooms. The key number is OMS 1×1-1.

Faculty who do not have a key can sign out one by visiting University Media Services at 203 East Hall during regular business hours (M-F 8:00am-5:00pm).

What Happens When I’m done?

When you’re finished recording your video(s), UD Capture staff in IT ATS will review your video titles and place the videos into the course(s) video archive(s) you specified. This is a manual process and we request you allow up to two working days to complete, although most videos are posted within a day.

Quick Start Instructions

UD Capture Self Service InterfaceWant to get started quickly?

  1. Plug in your laptop or document camera. Verify image on right monitor.
  2. Click Start Recording button on left computer monitor and deliver your presentation.
  3. When done, click Stop Recording. Preview the recording if you wish. Then use the Dropbox function to send yourself the video. You’ll receive a link in email.
  4. Download the recording from your email and upload it to Canvas in your My Media tool. Publish the video to the Media Gallery or embed on a page.

Detailed Instructions

Gore 309 and ISE Lab 208 are completely self-service facilities that are un-staffed. You’ll need to bring with you the equipment you’ll need to deliver your presentation such as a laptop. If you use a laptop, remember to bring with you any adapters that you might need to plug into a VGA cable (just like in the classroom). A document camera is provided.

    1. If using a laptop, plug it into the VGA cable provided on the desk. The small monitor to your right acts as your “projector” display– that is, this would be the display that your students will see and what will be recorded. If you don’t see your desktop, you may need to enable your external display on your laptop, or switch the input from the document camera to your laptop. To toggle the input source press the “PC/CAM” button on the document camera.
    2. Queue your presentation materials like you would normally just before class.
    3. The monitor on the left is the UD Capture computer. If the display is not on, you can wake it by moving the mouse. You should see a large button that says Start Recording.
    4. When you are ready, click this button with the UD Capture mouse. The button will change to Stop Recording when it has begun. You will also see a counter that shows you how long you’ve been recording.
    5. When you are done, click the Stop Recording button.
    6. The system will now process your video. After a short time, you will be able to preview the video if you wish. Click the “Dropbox to..” button and enter your UDel email address. The recording will arrive to your email in about 30 minutes.
    7. Download the recording from your email and upload it to Canvas in your My Media tool. Publish the video to the Media Gallery or embed on a page.
    8. You’re done! If you have more recordings, go back to step 2.

If you encounter problems, you can call IT-ATS at 302.831.0640 Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm.