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Migrate Your UD Capture Recordings

All old UD Capture recordings will be retired on July 1, 2020. You will no longer be able to access any media that has not been migrated.








To avoid losing access to any videos, download or migrate all video files you wish to keep before July 1, 2020.

How to migrate your UD Capture Videos

UD Capture Migration Tool

Use the UD Capture Migration Tool to migrate your UD Capture Archives (videos recorded prior to 2017) to Capture Space.

Why are we migrating?

As part of the UD Accessibility Initiative, the University has purchased a media management solution to make sure that all video content at the University follows accessibility standards. We have enhanced UD Capture to encompass not only lecture recording, but also help individuals manage media files and produce video content with automatic captioning and transcripts.

UD Capture recordings from prior to 2017 need to be moved to this new system so they can be captioned and transcribed per accessibility requirements.

What does this mean for users of UD Capture?

Current users of UD Capture, should begin to plan a strategy for moving their previously recorded content to the new UD Capture Suite. There is an easy-to-use migration tool to help you move your files.

Academic Technology Services has planned hands-on-faculty workshops and other documentation to help with the migration process. Faculty Commons partners will work with anyone wanting to update or enhance their courses to take full advantage of the UD Capture Suite tools and features and current best practices in teaching and learning.