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Who We Are

What is an instructional designer?
Instructional designers operate at the intersection of educational theory, teaching practice, and technology innovation. We collaborate with all those who teach at UD to create effective learning experiences, in the classroom and online. We incorporate evidence-based practices and project management into an instructional design process. We are idea generators, innovators, makers, and problem solvers.

What We Do

Instructional designers transform your teaching by following systematic, research-backed processes to turn your teaching ideas into reality. We bring our teaching experience and instructional design skills to deliver on our commitment to your teaching success. We embrace a team-based approach with Faculty Commons partners along with support professionals from around campus. We build strong relationships with instructors, resulting in high-quality course design.

Meet the Instructional Design Team

Our instructional designers have dedicated responsibilities for specific departments, colleges, and programs at UD. They are available on campus at 116 Pearson Hall, through the Virtual Welcome Bar, or by email.

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Start with a Consultation

To begin, schedule an appointment with an ATS instructional designer to discuss which tools and strategies will best help you meet your teaching goals.

Course Development

We help you develop engaging course content aligned with your student learning objectives.

Project Management

Instructional designers are skilled project managers who will ensure that your course is ready for launch.

Program Alignment

We have designers dedicated to specific academic portfolios to ensure alignment with program goals.

Standards Review

Instructional designers use research-based standards to review online courses for quality learning experiences.

Strategic Relationships

We build relationships with instructors, staff, chairs, deans, and program directors from across UD.

Support Material

Creative designers help produce course materials such as Canvas content, instructional videos, and digital media using a variety of specialized design and authoring tools.

Instructional Design Toolbox

Use these resources to learn about design concepts, access course templates, and request technical support from ATS.

Learn how to build courses with ATS Instructional Designers

Innovative Teaching Strategies (ITS) is a workshop to explore current best practices for teaching online or in class – specifically, instructor presence, student engagement, assessments, and multimedia.

During this course, you’ll collaborate with instructional designers, instructors, and guest speakers to learn how to use Poll Everywhere, Respondus, Perusall, Kaltura, Canvas, Zoom and more.

Mark your calendar for the next ITS session: Jan 3-Jan 28, 2022.

Build great online courses with ATS Instructional Designers

UD Canvas templates are designed with effective user experience principles in mind. Using the UD Canvas template will assist instructors with organizing their course content, allowing students to focus on the content instead of how to find it.

engage with ATS instructional design

For quick questions, drop-in visits are welcome. On campus, we’re located at 116 Pearson Hall. Online, you can join us at the Virtual Welcome Bar in Zoom (or enter meeting number 302 831 0640). Our operating hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To engage with an instructional designer for a consultation or project, submit our contact form.

Functionality & Design

You can have both

We curate course templates for intuitive design that are intellectually engaging and visually dynamic by using creative design tools. This way, courses maintain both their functionality and aesthetics.

We transform courses into an engaging educational and visual experience for the advancement of learning outcomes success and inclusive course design.


Intuitive Course Templates

Creative Design Tools

screenshot of an ATS Canvas course template

Course Templates Downloaded

Designers on Staff

Collective Years in Education

IDeas for Your Next Course

Useful tips to enhance your instruction and course design.

Use the Modules tool in Canvas – it’s the powerhouse of a well-organized course. Modules can be time-based, topic-based, or any structure that makes sense for your material.

Link our Poll Everywhere for Students page to your Getting Started module in Canvas.

Instructional Design Spotlight

Faculty profiles, course showcases, and more insights into what you can expect when working with an instructional designer.

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