ATS Instructional Design Services

How do instructional designers support teaching and learning?






University of Delaware instructional designers operate at the intersection of educational theory, teaching practice, and technology innovation.  They collaborate with all those who teach at UD to create effective learning experiences, in the classroom and online.  They incorporate evidence-based practices and project management into an instructional design process.


Our services include:
  • One-on-one consultation (details below)
  • Course development
  • Project management
  • Program alignment
  • Standards review based on Quality Matters (QM) and Online Learning Consortium (OLC)
  • Strategic relationships with academic leaders and faculty
  • Support material such as web sites and recorded sessions
  • A team-based approach with Faculty Commons partners along with support professionals from around campus

Who’s on the instructional design team?




Team members bring their advanced education, teaching experience, and instructional design skills to deliver on their commitment to your teaching success.
The instructional design team teaches Delivering Learning Experiences Online (DLEO), an opportunity for teachers to fully participate as a student in an online course while also learning about best practices in teaching online.  Like all good courses, DLEO follows a continuous improvement process and currently addresses the needs of University of Delaware instructors during the coronavirus pandemic.

How do I start working with an instructional designer?




For a one-on-one ID consultation, a scheduled appointment is the best way to start. Please use our instructional designer directory to view the ID contact for your department.
To take our course, visit the Delivering Learning Experiences Online (DLEO) web site.
For quick questions, you’re welcome to stop by Faculty Commons welcome bar.   On campus, this is located in 116 Pearson Hall.  Online, you can join us at the virtual welcome bar in Zoom (or enter meeting number 302 831 0640).  The operating hours are the same, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.