How to Update or Install Zoom

If you already have Zoom installed, you’ll want to keep up to date with the most recent version. You can also learn how to install Zoom for the first time or re-install it.

Updating Zoom on a UD-managed device

If your desktop, laptop, or mobile device is a UD managed device, you may need to contact your UD IT Professional for assistance in updating Zoom. You can also contact the IT Help Center for further assistance.

Check for Updates in Zoom

You can use Zoom to check for and install available updates by following these steps.

  1. Follow the instructions for How to Sign In to your UD Zoom Account to open and login to Zoom on your computer or mobile device.
  2. In the top right of the Zoom window, click your profile icon of your initials (or your profile picture if you’ve changed it).
    Zoom Application home screen with account link highlighted
  3. Select Check for Updates. If there is a newer version, it will say Update Available. Click the Update button to download and then click the Install button install it. Proceed with the installations steps as prompted.
    • If you do not see an item that says Check for Updates, you can proceed to the steps below for Install Zoom for the First Time and reinstall Zoom.
  4. When Zoom opens again, you can repeat the process until it reports You are up to date. There are no more Zoom updates to install.

Install Zoom for the First Time

If you’ve never used Zoom before, you can install it on your device by following these steps.

  1. Download the Zoom installer for your computer or mobile device at the Zoom Download Page.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts of the installer.
  3. Once it’s complete, you should see the Zoom application where you can now sign-in to your UD Zoom account.
  4. Follow the instructions for How to Sign In to your UD Zoom Account.

If you have questions, please contact the UD IT Support Center.

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