i>clickers: getting started


  1. Faculty indicate use of i>clickers when submitting textbook order form.*
  2. Faculty need a Windows or Macintosh computer in the classroom.
  3. Students purchase clickers from the bookstore. Students may also purchase used i>clickers or textbook/i>clicker bundles offered from many publishers.

* This step not only facilitates the i>clicker order, but alerts IT staff that i>clicker support is needed. All faculty who request i>clickers will be added to the Clickers@UD community project. Members receive pertinent messages about instructional opportunities, important updates, and pedagogical teaching resources.

Classrooms with i>clicker receivers installed

Where possible, all centrally scheduled classrooms have an i>clicker receiver installed in the AV cabinet or podium. If you do not see the room you are teaching on the Registrar’s Central Inventory Classroom list contact IT-Academic Technology Services to obtain a receiver.