FAQs for faculty


Answers to general i>clicker questions are found on the Student FAQ page. If you don’t see an answer to your question below, contact us for prompt assistance.

I’ve used iClicker before. Do I need to do anything special to prepare for the Spring 2018 semester?

If you use Canvas and have a version of iClicker obtained prior to February 2, 2018, a software update is required to successfully integrate the two systems. Luckily, the update is simple and quick!

  • open your current iClicker program 
  • from the Help menu
  • choose Check for Updates
  • click the Update button

If downloading a fresh version of the software from this website today, the iClicker set-up is very similar. Please refer to the guides on our Learning Resources page.


I’m new to i>clicker and using Mac (High) Sierra. I’m getting an error message and can’t launch i>clicker?

The Issue: MacOS security has been increased so that applications running from an untrusted folder on the computer are stopped.

The Solution: Any folder you make on your computer is trusted. After downloading the i>clicker program move the necessary files into a new folder you create. Step-by-step instructions follow.

  1. Download i>clicker as usual from UD’s website:
  2. Create a new folder on your Sierra system.
  3. Copy the i>clicker.app file (only) from inside the downloaded folder.
  4. Paste the i>clicker.app file into the folder you created on your Sierra system.
  5. Open the i>clicker app in your new folder.
    • This step will automatically create a Resources folder and other files.
  6. Copy the 3 XML files: Config, global_config, and  LMS_Wizard, out of the
    Resources folder from the folder you unzipped in step 1.
    NOTE: DO NOT copy the ‘Deleted Classes’ folder as that is not a trusted folder you have created.
  7. Paste the 3 XML files into the folder your created in step 2.
Students asked me about using a web/phone app. What should I tell them?
The iClicker Cloud application replaced REEF web polling this summer. The UD customized versions of the software that integrate with Canvas and Sakai were not updated.  Students cannot use the apps at this time. If this feature is vital to an instructor, please contact Sandy McVey, smilee@udel.edu, Academic Technology Services.
The conversation about whether open web access during class has positive or negative effects on student learning is ongoing. Some faculty require that students use a device not connected to the web that is designed specifically for in-class polling. It is important that students understand that individual faculty determine whether alternative devices will be permitted to submit i>clicker polling entries during class. Even though web clicker submissions are allowed in one class, a traditional i>clicker remote may be required in another.

Can students have more than one clicker actively registered?

Yes, as long as another student in the same class doesn’t have the same clicker actively registered. The combination of [UDID + clickerID + class roster] must be unique.

What if I suspect that two UDID numbers are sharing the same clickerID number?
Instruct both students to Remove clickers they no longer own through the Sakai or Canvas tool. Refer them to this video if they have questions.You will need to Synchronize through i>grader and import a fresh copy of the roster after the students complete the task.
My student’s i>clicker id number rubbed off. How can they register it?
The clicker id number is often printed on a sticker inside the battery compartment of each device. The batteries must be removed to see the sticker.If the inside sticker is missing you can start an i>clicker session and have the student vote. Close i>clicker and open i>grader. The clickerid will show appear as the only response in the i>grader column.
My i>clicker is displaying an error when I attempt to connect to Sakai. I know my password is correct. What should I do?
If the following message appears when attempting to select your Sakai course from the i>clicker settings a special character that can’t be included in the  encryption algorithm is in your current UD password. The following characters cannot be used with the i>clicker/Sakai integration process: %, &, *, +, and =.  See the complete list of tested special characters and their pass/fail rating.

Faciclicker-Sakai special charater login errorulty have 2 options:

1. Change your password at UD’s Network page, www.udel.edu/network. Remember this is the password used for all central systems including: email, UDSIS, web forms, and the course management systems (Sakai and Canvas).

2. Use the previous version of i>clicker customized for UD, version 6.4*: UD_iclicker_Win_Sakai_6.4 or  UD i>clicker Mac Sakai 6.4.

* REEF web polling option is NOT available with version 6.4.

I’d like to use clickers at a conference or departmental meeting. Do you have loaner kits?
Yes, we have kits with 20 to 50 remotes that UD faculty can borrow. Contact Academic Technology Services.