Passports & Pizza- learn about Study Abroad opportunities!

Dr. Sarah Trembanis will host Passports and Pizza, an opportunity for AAP students to learn about study-abroad opportunities at the University of Delaware. Today, UD offers 100+ programs in about 40 countries– and over 30 percent of UD undergrads study abroad at least once! In addition, scholarships and financial aid are available for UD students participating in UD study abroad programs. Dr. Trembanis will discuss scholarship and funding opportunities to fund students interested in studying abroad.

Fun facts about study abroad opportunities:

  • UD offers study-abroad programs in over 40 countries
  • Over 1 million dollars has been awarded for UD Study Abroad Scholarships
  • 30% of UD students study abroad

Don’t miss out and join us for Passports and Pizza at your campus:

  • Georgetown Campus: Tuesday, March 7th 12:15pm in classroom 162
  • Dover Campus: Tuesday, March 22nd 12:15pm in classroom 762

To register and review numerous study abroad opportunities, please click here: