Graduating Sophomores Transitioning to Newark in Fall 2023? It’s time to Declare your Major!

Are you graduating AAP this Spring 2023 or Summer 2023 AND transitioning to the Newark campus this Fall? It is time to declare your major! 

To declare your major, please complete the Change of Major, Minor, Concentration & Graduation Term form found hereWhen completing the form, be sure that you KEEP your Associate in Arts degree, then ADD your new major. 

Majors should be declared no later than Friday, March 31, 2023!

Please follow these steps to declare your major:

Log into UDSIS

  • Select the Forms tile, then select “Change of major, minor, concentration”
  • On the form:
    • Input your phone number using format nnn-nnn-nnnn
    • Under the “Action” column for your AA degree, select “Keep” in drop-down box
    • Under the “Add major/concentration” drop-down box, select your new major
    • Select graduation term at least two years from now
    • Click “Add line”
    • Click “Next”
  • For reason, state that you are graduating from the Associate in Arts Program and selecting a major.
  • Click “Submit Form”

NOTE: If you are interested in a restricted major, please pay attention to their prerequisite requirements. If you do not currently meet the prerequisite requirements, please meet with your academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss your options: 

  1. Declare University Studies (UST) – with your intended concentration while you complete prerequisite requirement
  2. Declare an alternative major

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your academic advisor!