Freshmen- Midterm Grades

Check Your Midterm Grades!

You’ve made it halfway through the spring semester! All Students with 27 or fewer credits will receive mid-term grades no later than Friday, March 24, 2023. Although these grades are not part of your permanent record, these grades serve as an indicator of how are you are doing in your classes thus far.

To view your midterm grades, go to your UDSIS Student Center page & follow the directions below:
1) Use the drop-down menu under ACADEMICS.
2) Select GRADES.
3) Choose the term: Spring 2023.
4) On the next page: Class Grades – 2023 Spring Semester, you will see a list of your spring courses.
5) Click on the MID-TERM GRADES tab above your list of25023 classes to see your current grades.

If you have any concerns about your performance, see your instructor immediately. Please also contact your academic advisor for further assistance.