AAP Students, consider this course for Spring 2023- WOMS201 Intro to Women & Gender Studies

Please consider this new hybrid course offered for Spring 2023 for all AAP students on all AAP campuses! WOMS201 Introduction to Women & Gender Studies

This course will be taught as a hybrid course on Tuesdays/Thursdays 11:00-12:15pm

  • Wilmington Campus students will take the course in-person at the CEB (WOMS201710),
  • Dover and Georgetown students will attend the course online at the same time (WOMS201310)

Highlights of WOMS201 Introduction to Women & Gender Studies:

  • Fulfills a Group C Breadth Requirement as well as the Multicultural Requirement
  • Fulfills a foundational requirement for the WOMS major or minor
  • Low-cost course materials (no textbook purchase required; roughtly $12.50 in related materials)
  • Allow you to display your learning in non-traditional qays, such as a short video project, written reflections on exhibits and events, online annotations of texts and videos, and a social media-like discussion page. No tests or exams! Only short reading quizzes.
  • Encourages you to relate the material learned to your own life and current events

**Wilmington students, please register for WOMS201710 (in-person section)

**Georgetown and Dover students, please register for WOMS201310 (online section)

Questions? Contact Vickie Fedele (vfedele@udel.edu) or view this Sample Syllabus from Spring 2022

Taking a Winter Course? Be aware of these important dates:

Winter Session 2023 dates

  • Tuesday, Jan. 3: First day of classes
  • Friday, Jan. 6: Last day to add or drop winter courses
  • Monday, Jan. 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday; no classes meet and University offices are closed
  • Friday, Jan. 27: Last day to change registration or withdraw from a course without academic penalty
  • Friday, Feb. 3: Last day of classes
  • Saturday, Feb. 4: Final exams

Course Highlights for AAP Grads heading to Newark Spring ’23

The Student Success Center is offering two, 1-credit, courses for Career Readiness this Spring 2023 semester! The two courses focus on career readiness in their respective major interest areas of Humanities and the Social Sciences

ARSC167010 Career Readiness: Humanities, Tuesdays 3:35pm-4:25pm

ARSC167011 Career Readiness: Social Sciences, Thursdays 3:35pm-4:25pm

Course Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to

  • Understand the timeline and process for applying for internships and graduate schools based on your career interest
  • Develop key resources (resume, cover letter, personal statements) and skills needed to obtain career opportunities
  • Understand the necessary career competencies needed to be successful post-graduation

Winter Session Course Registration begins 10/24!

Stay on track for graduation! Get ahead on major requirements!

Taking courses over Winter Session is a great way to earn additional credits.

Registration for Winter Courses begins Monday, October 24, 2022.

**New Course for Spring 2022** HOSP180 Intro to Hospitality Business Management

HOSP180710: Introduction to Hospitality Business Management

(Online HYBRID Class)

The course is an introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry which covers topics from one of the top ten Industries in the World and one of the top five industries in the State of Delaware! The course provides information about the numerous segments of the hospitality industry, history of hospitality, current trends and related issues. Students will be exposed to a variety of learning experiences that can expand their knowledge of the dynamic and global hospitality industry.

The course includes a guest speaker series with industry leaders and students will learn about careers in hospitality business management in these growing fields:

  • Tourism, Hotel, Restaurant, Casino, Event and Meeting Management

Additional Details to Ensure Success in this class:

  • Students must have a stable internet connection and laptop with a working camera
  • This is an online synchronous and asynchronous hybrid course: Students are required to attend class periods on Monday (virtually) using Zoom from 6 PM to 7 PM and team virtual meetings (TBD)
  • Asynchronous class work is approximately one and half hours per week.
  • Students will meet with current UD Hospitality Business Management Students as part of the teamwork in class which is called the Blue Hen “Nest” Experience

Winter Course: UNIV364 Experiential Internship!

There are still seats open for the winter session section of UNIV364 Experiential Internship class! Students can use this class to fulfill the DLE requirement. This class is remote and any experiential opportunity, such as an internship, volunteer experience, or even a part-time job will qualify! Click here to see the class details. Email Jen Laird (jlaird@udel.edu) with questions!

Winter course option for all UD students!



Course #: ACCT 467/667 (also listed as BUAD 467/667)
Course Title: Moral Reasoning and Race in Business (Listed as “SEMINAR” in UDSIS. Look for the course using Instructor Name or course #)
Day/Time: MoTuWeTh 12:45PM – 3:30PM
Faculty: Dr. Jennifer Joe (Accounting), Dr. Anu Sivaraman (BUAD-Mktg.)
Format & Credits: Synchronous Online (Hybrid1) & 3-credits
Open to: All Lerner Business & All UD students.

Course Overview:
Despite having a central role in American societ y, examinations of the role of race in business and the U.S. economy remains a taboo topic in the business curriculum. This course explores a multitude of perspectives related to race and diversity in a broad spectrum of industry settings. Using a moral reasoning lens, we will also consider the extent to which corporate and institutional policies can contribute to ethnic marginalization and engender a specific corporate culture around race. Understanding how choice in policy, the rule of law, and the moral standards have impacted opportunities and access to markets along demographic variables will allow students to make their own independent assessments of, and contributions to, viable strategies aimed at an inclusive business community of the future. This course will use a combination of lecture, individual readings of chapters, articles and books, student-led class discussions, case analysis, and a project that requires the students to interact with a diverse group of local and regional small businesses and entrepreneurs.

For more details about the course, hear Dr. Joe & Dr. Sivaraman talk about it on this podcast. Click on the image for the link:

Great Course Option for AAP Students transitioning to Main Campus Fall 2021!

One of the first in a series of new seminars created out of the UD Anti-Racism Initiative, the Fall 2021 edition of HIST 460/660 will explore the history of UD in the age of enslavement and emancipation. We will work collaboratively to investigate the university’s historical ties to slavery and its relationship to neighboring communities of indentured, enslaved, and free people of color. Students will conduct archival research, work with community historians, and publicly engage the UD and Newark communities in conversation about the ramifications of past social injustice. The course is cross-listed with ENGL, AFRA, ANTH, and GEOG, and fulfills the Multicultural Requirement.

Sophomores- register for ARSC121 Associate in Arts Transition Seminar this Fall 2021!

AAP Graduating Sophomores- register for ARSC121: AAP Transition Seminar for the upcoming Fall 2021 semester as your transition to the Newark campus!

The Associate in Arts Program Transition Seminar is designed to support a successful transition of AAP students to the main campus. In this course, students will learn about on-campus resources, connect with fellow AAP students, and set goals for their junior and senior years. RESTRICTIONS: Enrollment restricted to Associate in Arts Program graduates on the Newark campus. Cannot be repeated for credit.

Interested in teaching at the Secondary Level (High School)?

Are you interested in becoming a teacher at the secondary level and would like to take a course to learn more about that process?

Consider this Fall 2021 one-credit course, UNIV200 Sharing Your Passion: Exploring Secondary Education as a Career, offered through the Center for Secondary Teacher Education.

In this course, student will learn how to share their passion for a subject, such as Chemistry, English or Computer Science, by becoming a high school teacher. The semester will be spent observing at local schools and meeting with others interested in this in-demand and admirable career choice.

This will be a one-credit course in which first or second year students will learn about the steps to becoming a teacher at the secondary level. They will spend time in local high schools with inspiring teachers; hear from faculty on campus who train teachers; and have opportunities to learn about their options for study as undergraduate or graduate students.

The course will be taught by Dr. Kristin Nelson and any questions regarding the course content may be directed to her at klnelson@udel.edu.