AAP Students, consider this course for Spring 2023- WOMS201 Intro to Women & Gender Studies

Please consider this new hybrid course offered for Spring 2023 for all AAP students on all AAP campuses! WOMS201 Introduction to Women & Gender Studies

This course will be taught as a hybrid course on Tuesdays/Thursdays 11:00-12:15pm

  • Wilmington Campus students will take the course in-person at the CEB (WOMS201710),
  • Dover and Georgetown students will attend the course online at the same time (WOMS201310)

Highlights of WOMS201 Introduction to Women & Gender Studies:

  • Fulfills a Group C Breadth Requirement as well as the Multicultural Requirement
  • Fulfills a foundational requirement for the WOMS major or minor
  • Low-cost course materials (no textbook purchase required; roughtly $12.50 in related materials)
  • Allow you to display your learning in non-traditional qays, such as a short video project, written reflections on exhibits and events, online annotations of texts and videos, and a social media-like discussion page. No tests or exams! Only short reading quizzes.
  • Encourages you to relate the material learned to your own life and current events

**Wilmington students, please register for WOMS201710 (in-person section)

**Georgetown and Dover students, please register for WOMS201310 (online section)

Questions? Contact Vickie Fedele (vfedele@udel.edu) or view this Sample Syllabus from Spring 2022