Mini-Pumpkin Chunkin

This Monday, evening ASME members descended on the Pit in Spencer Lab for some spooktacular fun! In the spirit of the collegiate Pumpkin Chunkin hosted the Friday prior, teams of participants fashioned their own siege machines to hurl small mellocreme pumpkins across the room.

Teams were given supplies such as dowels, spoons, wheels, and rubber bands combined with hot glue guns and tape to make their designs a reality. Plenty of candy, pizza, and refreshments were provided to fuel everyone’s ambhititions. The competitors’ resulting entries ranged from catapults to trebuchets to onagers as everyone flexed their creative muscles.

Congratulations to our winners: Arnav Prasad and Mathew Heebner for making the catapult that launched the farthest! This fun event was co-hosted by ASME UD & MESS, and served as the October general body meeting for ASME UD.

Thank you to all the ASME & MESS volunteers who came out to helped make this event possible, and Dr. Buckley for additional supplies. It felt as if everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and hopefully we will see everyone at our next fun event on Wednesday November 15th!

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