Pi^2: Pies and Programming Day Recap 2017!

UD’s ASME chapter held a Pi Day Celebration to commemorate a number engineers know very well, . Originally the event was to be held on March 14th in homage to the number 3.14, but it had to be rescheduled to March 21st due to snow. Approximately 40 people came out to eat some pies and to program a Raspberry Pi circuit board. This was our biggest turnout for Pi Day to date! We started off the festivities around 8 PM in Spencer Lab, where we had two separate events taking place, concurrently.

The first event was learning how to program a Raspberry Pi, a credit card sized mini computer that is widely used in electronics. This information session provided those who were interested with the ability to gain hands on experience with the board and watch it in action. Students were able to use this information and apply it to various engineering disciplines. The programming aspect was a smash hit; everyone learned something new and had a great time

The other Pi Day event was the actual creation and ingestion of pies! Participants could choose to bake two pies: Apple and Raspberry. Students were provided instructions, ingredients, and fun facts about the number pi. Groups then worked together to make large batches of pie (about 8 servings worth). Each pie only took 8 minutes to cook in the microwave! Overall, the total time to make and bake each pie only took around 20 minutes and the pie was eaten even faster than that!  This allowed for mechanical engineers to take a quick study break to enjoy some pi, learn how to program a Raspberry Pi, and socialize with other students of various grades in the major! Pi Day was a great way to celebrate a historic number, and an even more historically delicious dessert.

Make sure to come back next year for Pi Day 2018!

 Article written by Cade Gertsen

Speaker Series – I-495 Presentation!

ASME learned a lot and had a great time watching the I-495 Presentation by Barry Benson. There was an excellent turnout of 51 people, who learned about the inner workings of transportation engineering. Thank you Mr. Benson for your time and for everyone that came out and made this event such a success!


Ending E-Week!

The theme for this year’s National Engineers Week at the University of Delaware was “Dream Big,” and members of ASME certainly did! ASME co-hosted a Build-a-Thon Challenge in Spencer Lab with two other engineering organizations on campus. Students were tasked to build catapults, boats, and towers using a variety of materials and tools. Later in the week, students came together to play off in an exciting game of Broomball! This recreational ice game was a great way to relax from class and get to know our peers. Also, be sure to check out the video below that the College of Engineering make to cover the E-Week Build-A-Thon. about the ball during the week! Altogether, the week was full of engineering fun!