Steel Bridge

The Steel Bridge Team competes each year to design and fabricate a functional steel bridge. The bridge is entirely student built and the project requires months of planning and labor. Team members design bridges using advanced software and vie to have their design selected by the team. Once our team’s design has been chosen, we order steel and begin working in the student design shop to make the bridge’s components.

New members learn how to weld and cut steel pipe as we implement our design. Once construction is complete…’s time to disassemble the bridge! As regional competition nears, the team repeatedly practices rebuilding the bridge and strives to complete the task in the smallest amount of time possible.

Since we fabricate everything for our bridge ourselves it takes a lot of effort and money so if you would like to donate to help us, visit our crowdfunding site:

Each year, the rulebook changes and we face new challenges and constraints. However, our team has proven itself as a contender and a few years ago our bridge reached the national level! Check out this year’s rules here:

IMG_5938 - CopyThe bridge we took to Regionals last year!

All Steel Bridge Team members must:

1) Complete the “Liability Waiver for Physical Activity” at

2) Complete “EHS Training.” For directions, consult PDF instructional packet at:

3) Attend a “Basic Safety Shop Demo.” These seminars are offered several times during the year. If you have questions about the seminar, feel free to contact Steel Bridge Captains Kevin Wilson ( or Mike Postorivo (

Photos from the Regional Competition of the team building the bridge and load testing our design:

2015-04-12 08.36.55 - Copy2015-04-12 09.47.14 - Copy