Current Projects

Personalization of Ankle-foot Orthoses for Individuals with Ankle-Foot Impairments
The long-term goal of this clinical and translational research is to enhance mobility of individuals with ankle-foot impairments by optimizing the design and prescription of orthotic devices.  We design and fabricate novel ankle-foot orthoses with characteristics personalized to the needs of each individual. A primary population of focus is individuals who have suffered a stroke, but we are expanding into other clinical populations as well, such as those with Achilles tendon injury.

Development, Testing, and Optimization of Novel Foot & Ankle-Foot Orthoses
We design, model, fabricate, and test novel passive-dynamic orthotic devices for the foot and ankle-foot complex. We are always striving to innovate orthotic materials and designs to advance device functionality and enable patients to reach new capabilities.

Quantification & Characterization of Natural Ankle & Foot Function
We conduct fundamental research to characterize and quantify natural ankle and foot function, including dynamic joint stiffness and energetics, during locomotor tasks such as walking, running, and load carriage. Understanding natural ankle and foot function provides a critical foundation that enables us to optimize orthotic device design and investigate how people interact with the orthotic devices.

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