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Latino Hispanic Heritage Caucus

2021-2022 UDARI Committee Grant Award Winner

The Latino and Hispanic Heritage Caucus (LHHC) will be utilizing UDARI grant funding to host a series of “Out of the Box” workshops to educate and train faculty and staff on racial consciousness to increase cultural proficiencies and advance the objective of fostering an anti-racist campus. The LHHC has contacted two groups to develop a program for a small group of participants at UD. First, is the Just Act group (, which uses techniques from Theater of the Oppressed to address issues of racial justice. The second is the Creative Reaction Lab (, which educates, trains, and challenges Black and Latinx youth to become leaders working for healthy and racially equitable communities. The LHHC hopes that educators will adapt the workshops to the needs of their learning spaces, to amplify and shift power to youth, while understanding their roles in designing equitable outcomes.


The mission of the Latino/Hispanic Heritage Caucus is to advise and inform UD administrators on issues of particular importance to the Latino/Hispanic community at the University of Delaware. The caucus is dedicated to voicing and advancing issues affecting the community and to promoting an inclusive, diverse and equitable campus environment.


  • Increase visibility, outreach, to become a force for diversity and inclusion for staff faculty and students
  • Create authentic allyship and with our members and committees on campus to be recognized as a safe space for all communities


Board Member: Gabriela Coleman (Career Services Center)
Chair: Natalia Davila (VP for Enrollment Management)
  • Carla Guerron Montero (Anthropology)
  • Irene Post (Undergraduate Student)
  • Aurelia Rio (Languages, Literatures Cultures)