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DACA and Undocumented Students Support

Spring 2022 Updates

For Spring 2022, we wanted to focus on Latinx cultural and political issues on campus. In the Fall of 2021, Committee Chair Sonia Robles worked with Meghan Dabkowski, Noël Archambeault, Gabriela Coleman, and Natalia Davila on a Day of the Dead event. During Spring 2022, we dedicated the altar (ofrenda), which was placed in the Munroe Hall Lobby, to victims of femicide. Combating structural racism takes all of us and we hope to continue to do our by raising awareness about the Latinx student body population at the University and about an array of cultural and political issues which directly affect all of us.


Offering support, guidance, advocacy to a community of students who – because of their legal status in this country – face additional obstacles in their studies.


  • Gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding about the challenges undocumented students at UD face.


This committee is currently seeking new members. Please fill out this form if you are interested!

Chair: Sonia Robles (History)
  • Ben Stanley (English Department)