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Curricular Changes and General Education Regarding Anti-racism


The mission of the UD Anti-racism Initiative’s Committee “UD Curricular Changes/General Education” is to evaluate the Multicultural and General Education requirements to see where we can make some transformative differences in the curriculum in terms of social justice and anti-racism. The overall goal is to create a shared vocabulary and knowledge base about racial literacy that is built over the course of each student’s time at UD.


  • Our first goal is to evaluate the Multicultural Requirement. We are currently working with the Faculty Senate’s Multicultural/Breadth Task Force to make revisions to this requirement. We also plan to examine the FYE and DLE as potential sites for more consciously constructed curricular transformation.


Co-chair: Emily Davis (English)
Co-chair: Meghan McInnis-Dominguez (Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
  • Peter Benson (Anthropology)
  • Melissa Braun (Spanish Studies/Political Science, Undergraduate Student)
  • Marissa Carroll (Health Behavior Science, Undergraduate Student)
  • Stephanie Chang (Student Diversity & Inclusion, Student Life)
  • John Cohill (Student Government Association, Undergraduate Student)
  • Samantha Fleischner (Sociology/Organizational Community Leadership, Undergraduate Student)
  • Adam Foley (Office of Equity & Inclusion)
  • Kathleen Kerr (Student Life)
  • Chrysanthi Leon (Sociology & Criminal Justice)
  • Amy McCormick (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Kristina Najera (College of Education & Human Development/Delaware Center for Teacher Education)
  • Lynette Overby (Theatre)
  • Stephanie Raible (Social Entrepreneurship Initiative)
  • Rosalie Rolon-Dow (College of Education & Human Development)