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Collaborative to Diversify Teacher Education


Our mission is to cultivate teacher candidates from groups historically underrepresented in terms of access to and successful completion of teacher education programs. We seek to recruit, prepare, and support teacher candidates who better match the demographics of students in Delaware public schools and nationwide, with a focus on BIPOC and students from low-income backgrounds.

A lot of the work that the Collaborative sees as vital is being done in other spaces at UD, and the Collaborative does not envision itself as an entity that is working to enact these recommendations alone. Rather, it functions primarily as a network, a hub for communication and accountability. The members seek to take ownership of the Collaborative to Diversity Teacher Education’s Executive Summary action items in spaces where people already are doing work and have power. We are a Collaborative because we have a shared commitment to diversifying teacher education, but each member is working toward the goals that match with their passions and areas of expertise.


  • Look at other model recruitment/preparation programs to see if they have model low-cost/creative initiatives UD could also use.
  • Strengthen the connections between teacher education programs and the Associate in Arts Program (reduce barriers, recruit students).
  • Connect with high school Teacher Academies and the Delaware College Scholars Program to publicize UD teacher education.
  • Establish scholarships for teacher education majors with financial need.
  • Ease the burden of additional costs on teacher education majors (testing, transportation, background checks).
  • Connect with Delaware State University to explore partnership opportunities.
  • Provide more opportunities for UD education majors and alumni to engage in anti-racist, equity-oriented professional development and advanced degrees, such as the new anti-racist teacher network and a master’s degree in equity-oriented secondary education.
  • Prioritize conversations and initiatives related to culturally responsive, inclusive practices with faculty and staff across the university (required workshops during onboarding, continued required professional development such as the Summer Institute on Teaching, brown bags sponsored by CTAL, etc.).
  • Coordinate and institutionalize campus diversity efforts.


Co-chair: Kristina Najera (CEHD/CEETP Center for Teacher ED)
Co-chair: Maya Constantine (CEETP)
Co-chair: Jamie Bailey (CEETP)
  • Deborah Bieler (English)
  • Stephanie Del Tufo (College of Education)
  • Jill Ewing Flynn (English)
  • Ayanna Harrison (National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals)
  • Isaiah Howton (Criminal Justice undergraduate Student)
  • Erica Litke (School of Education)
  • Tory McHugh (CEETP)
  • Ami Patel (McNair Scholars Program)
  • Kristin Nelson (Center for Secondary Teacher Education)
  • Kisha Porcher (English)
  • Irene Post (Undergraduate Student)
  • Brittany Powell (Education PhD student)
  • Teresa Rush (AAETE Wilmington)
  • Deandra Taylor (CEETP)
  • Carol Wong (School of Education)
  • Lynn Worden (College of Education & Human Development)