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Associate in Arts Program Outreach

2021-2022 UDARI Committee Grant Award Winner

The University of Delaware Associate in Arts Program (AAP) Outreach committee utilized UDARI grant funding to fund three AAP students (one from each campus) to support the AAP Equity and Inclusion Committee. Students collaborated with community partners and activists in Wilmington, Dover, and Georgetown to organize a racial-justice event on each campus in the spring of 2022. Additionally, students assisted with organizing and hosting listening sessions with current and recently graduated AAP students attending the Newark campus who identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native or multiracial. They gained qualitative insights into their experiences attending a predominantly white institution. UDARI grant funding allowed the students to work for the committee and thus cut back on paid employment outside of school, which assisted in furthering the anti-racist goals of both the AAP and the University. Since AAP students are, and have historically been, excluded from meaningful engagement, internship, and professional development opportunities at UD, these positions contributed to the ongoing antiracist work of making such opportunities available to those whom racism has excluded.


To articulate and address the challenges faced by the Associate in Arts Program as it fulfills its mission to provide an equitable education to the Delawareans it serves.


  • Enhance inclusivity and collaboration between AAP campuses and Newark: provide AAP students equitable access to opportunities in UD leadership, extracurricular activities, career services, and student life, particularly counseling services and New Student Orientation.
  • Improve outreach to DE high schools, families, and students: counter the “deficit” narrative by emphasizing that AAP is the pathway to a full-fledged 4-year UD degree.
  • Provide a social worker to address barriers to success particular to AAP.
  • Secure dedicated space statewide for AAP community.
  • Work with AAP faculty and staff and academic departments in Newark to increase curricular opportunities and streamline pathways toward multiple degree programs, for instance, students pursuing Life & Health Sciences or Physical and Applied Sciences programs.  Consider AAP’s ARTH Roadmaps for Double-majors as a model for other departments, and DLE for pre-transition to Newark Campus.
  • Regularize and rationalize financial support; ensure that it extends over the entire 4-year degree.


Co-chair: Neri de Kramer (AAP Faculty Coordinator)
Co-chair: David Teague (AAP Associate Director)
  • Nada Abuasi (Criminal Justice/Political Science, Undergraduate Student)
  • Alyssa Benjamin (College of Health Sciences, Pipeline Programs)
  • Eve Buckley (History)
  • Lisa Busch (Associate in Arts Program)
  • Rachel Coppola (Career Center)
  • Emily Davis (English)
  • Neri de Kramer-Lynch (Associate in Arts Program)
  • Barry Joyce (History & Social Studies Education Co-Coordinator)
  • Tim Kim (English Language Institute)
  • Samuel Kowalchick (History Education, Undergraduate Student)
  • Steph Lanza (Undergraduate Academic Services)
  • Caitlin Larracey (English, PhD Graduate Student)
  • Chrysanthi Leon (Sociology & Criminal Justice)
  • Jordan Matthews (Africana Studies/Psychology, Undergraduate Student)
  • Amy McCormick (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Sarah Meadows (IT-Strategic Operations)
  • Melvin Mendoza (Undergraduate Academic Services)
  • Chanele Moore (Associate in Arts Program)
  • Dael Norwood (History)
  • Alan Parkes (History, PhD Student)
  • Tiffany Probasco (English)
  • Claire Rasmussen (Political Science & International Relations)
  • Kristine Ritz (Education & Human Development, Office of Dean)
  • Vimalin Rujivacharakal (Art History)
  • David Satran (Associate in Arts Program, Director)
  • Sarah Trembanis (Associate in Arts Program)
  • Carol Wong (School of Education)