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Anti-Racist Curriculum in PK-12 Schools


The Anti-Racist Curriculum in PK-12 Schools committee will track and share information about initiatives related to anti-racist curriculum in PK-12 schools and will coordinate or amplify efforts consistent with our goals.


  • Build grass-roots support (student roundtables, educator and leader buy-in).
  • Help develop anti-racist curriculum at the school/district level as well as in non-school settings (e.g., museums).
  • Support ongoing professional development for educators related to anti-racism and culturally responsive practice.
  • Incorporate understanding of anti-racism in educator preparation programs.
  • Revise curriculum standards and related student assessments.


Co-chair: Dr. Hannah Kim (Social Studies Education Program)
Co-chair: Dr. Soo-Bin Jang (School of Education)
  • Emily Arias Tapia (English Education, Undergraduate Student)
  • Lauren Bailes (School of Education)
  • Allison Banbury (Center for Counseling & Student Development)
  • Melissa Benbow (English, PhD Student)
  • Danielle Bing (History, Graduate Student)
  • Nancy Boyer (Geography)
  • Melissa Braun (Spanish Studies/Political Sciences, Undergraduate Student)
  • Taylor Bucy (Psychology/Women’s Studies, Undergraduate Student)
  • Shannon Burke (Elementary Education, Undergraduate Student)
  • Suzanne Burton (College of Arts and Science Administration/Secondary Teacher Education)
  • Alexis Carel (Sociology & Criminal Justice/Psychology, Undergraduate Student)
  • Brian Channer (external)
  • Ken Cohen (History, Director of Museum Studies)
  • Emily Davis (English)
  • Lu Ann De Cunzo (Anthropology)
  • Jessica Estok ( Student Wellness & Health Promotion)
  • Sara Gartland (School of Education, Graduate Student)
  • Amy Griffin (Psychological & Brain Sciences)
  • Christian Harris (Biological Science, Undergraduate Student)
  • Isabelle Hughes (Organizational & Community Leadership and Social Innovation & Entr., Undergraduate Student)
  • Samuel Kowalchick (History Education, Undergraduate Student)
  • Victoria McHugh (Delaware Center for Teacher Education)
  • Mark Miller (Education and Human Development, PhD Student)
  • Kristina Najera (College of Human & Education Development/Delaware Center for Teacher Education)
  • James O’Neil (Economics)
  • Irene Post (Undergraduate Student)
  • Annastasia Purinton (School of Education, Graduate Student)
  • Rachel Rohman (Criminal Justice/Public Policy, Undergraduate Student)
  • Rosalie Rolon-Dow (College of Human & Education Development)
  • Nena Todd (External)
  • Jennifer Wendell (Human Services & Sociology, Undergraduate Student)
  • Dana Wilson (Athletics)
  • Carol Wong (School of Education)
  • Julia Wright (Undergraduate Student)