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Anti-Racism Programming

2021-2022 UDARI Committee Grant Award Winner

Unearthing the Collection: An Interactive Workshop at the Mineralogical Museum is a collaborative endeavor of the Anti-Racism Programming committee, the University of Delaware Mineralogical Museum, the Geography and Spatial Sciences Department, and the Museum Studies Program. The committee utilized UDARI grant funding to host three half-day workshops to train advanced undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Delaware to initiate anti-racist practice and scholarship in museums through the University’s mineral collection. This workshop contributes to the application of anti-racist approaches in a critical engagement of scientific knowledge production, particularly in, and through, physical science collections. The committee raised awareness of anti-racist science communication in museums. This allowed for anti-racist practices in the mineralogical museum’s digital repository to be archived online and shared with other interested parties. The Anti-Racism Planning committee also created a blog post that addresses not only this project, but the evaluation of data and presentations at Artefacts Consortium 2022 and American Geophysical Union (AGU 2022). Unearthing the Collection has the potential to be run annually by the Museum Studies program and the Mineralogical Museum, or developed as a Continuing Professional Development course for museum practitioners. UDARI funding is providing the vital first step toward any such continuing education.


To identify, promote and collaborate on university programming efforts that serve to build an understanding and appreciation of anti-racist beliefs and actions.


  • Identify current anti-racist programming and amplify communication for these efforts. Encourage a collective understanding of anti-racist beliefs and actions throughout the UD community.
  • Identify gaps in current anti-racist programming and work to design programs/support programming to meet these needs.
  • Identify key features of anti-racist programming as a guide for programming coordinators.


Chair: Adam Foley (Equity & Inclusion)
  • Wendy Bellion (Art History & Center for Material Culture Studies)
  • Stephanie Chang (Student Diversity & Inclusion, Student Life)
  • Brian Channer (external)
  • Kate Cirrito (Criminal Justice, Undergraduate Student)
  • Jon Cox (Art & Design)
  • Jenna Dorrian (Criminal Justice, Undergraduate Student)
  • Nathan Elton (Career Center)
  • Colette Gaiter (Art & Design)
  • Rachel Garcia (Student Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Elizabeth Hagovsky (Graduate College)
  • Samantha Haltom (Criminal Justice, Undergraduate Student)
  • Christian Harris (Biological Science, Undergraduate Student)
  • Zachary Jackson (Nursing)
  • Michele Juarez-Huffaker (Center for Counseling & Student Development)
  • Samuel Kowalchick (History Education, Undergraduate Student)
  • Larry McAllister (Senior Director, Digital Communications)
  • Jame McCray (Earth, Ocean & Environment)
  • Colin Miller (Arts & Sciences)
  • Kasandra Moye (Center for Black Culture Representative)
  • Kelly O’Rourke (Theatre, Resident Ensemble Players)
  • Robert Opila
  • Lynette Overby (Theatre)
  • Georgina Ramsay (Anthropology)
  • Chrissi Rawak (Athletics & Recreation)
  • Ellen Schenk (Biden School Master’s of Public Policy, Graduate Student)
  • Greg Shelnutt (Art & Design)
  • David Teague (Associate in Arts Program)
  • Jim Tweedy (Residence Life & Housing)
  • Anu Sivaraman (BUAD marketing)
  • Brittany Powell (Education PhD student)
  • Gretchen Von Koenig (History, Graduate Student)