UDARI response to hateful action in Memorial Hall

Posted on May 9, 2023 at: 12:59 am

Dear UD Anti-Racism Initiative Friends,

We are sharing a statement written by concerned faculty members in Memorial Hall:

On the morning of May 8th, a faculty member noticed a swastika and threatening message drawn by an individual or group on a poster advertising a drag queen performance on the office door of a Jewish faculty member in the English Department. As soon as it was noticed, this violent symbol of oppression and genocide was immediately removed and reported. This is a deplorable act for which there is no room in the University of Delaware community. 

As members of the UD community, we reaffirm that hate has no place at the University of Delaware or in Memorial Hall. Respect and inclusion are essential to our work in our classrooms, in our research, and in our university community. We assert that the University of Delaware is a place where all are free to learn in a safe and welcoming environment. We affirm our commitment to people of all genders, sexualities, and faiths, and stand with Jewish, queer, and trans members of our community. We condemn both this specific action and actions that target members of the University of Delaware community for their race, sexuality, gender, ability, religion, or any other aspect of their identity, embodiment, or experience.

To affirm your commitment to this statement, please sign below. 

Statement Denouncing Hateful Action in Memorial Hall (


Alison, Emerald, and Lynnette