Suzanne Burton, Visual & Performing Arts UDARI Small Grants Sub-committee Update

Posted on July 29, 2021 at: 2:59 pm

Project title: Art and Positive Change: Using the Arts for Antiracism, Cultural Diversity, and Social Justice.

In Spring 2021, the Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) subcommittee implemented a multiphase project that included:
• two student workshops, facilitated by performing artists Idris Goodwin and Lela Aisha Jones
• a call for students to submit creative work related to the theme of Art and Positive Change, and
• the development of the VPA Creative Gallery , a virtual space where students creative submissions can be accessed and viewed by the broader public.

The workshop facilitators shared how they address anti-racism and social justice through their respective art forms, encouraging participants to take stock of the multicultural diversity in their lives and explore ways to express this creatively.
The Creative Gallery includes different artistic categories (i.e. music, visual art, digital art, poetry) and is intended as resource that advances access to diverse perspectives and affects positive change.
Adjacent is an example of a work submitted by UD student Brandan Henry, entitled But Whos Counting (charcoal on paper)