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Kimberly Wodzanowski

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Kimberly Wodzanowski
132/133 Brown Lab


Bio: Kimberly (Kimmie) is originally from Yardley, PA, and attended Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) in Philadelphia, PA. She double majored in chemical biology and environmental science and graduated with her B.S. in 2017. Her research at SJU focused on understanding thermodynamic properties of heme proteins through fluoride binding assays. In 2016, Kimberly interned at the Philadelphia zoo, where she completed various animal behavior research projects and staffed “Exploration Stations” teaching about conservation and sharing animal artifacts with guests. Currently, Kimberly is a Chemistry and Biochemistry PhD student working with co-advised with April Kloxin and Catherine Grimes. She is also a member of the Chemistry Biology Interface (CBI) Program at University of Delaware.

Research Interests: Kimberly is working to develop a 3D bacteria-macrophage co-culture hydrogel system to use as an invasion assay/ We aim to utilize this system to study bacterial peptidoglycan fragments generated during an immune response. This will give us insights into how our bodies respond to bacteria in natural and diseased states like Crohn’s disease.

Fun Facts: In her free time, Kimberly like to play soccer and run.