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Kartik Bomb
123 Colburn Lab

Amber Hilderbrand

Bio: Kartik grew up in Jaipur, India and received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, India, in 2018. His prior research was synthesizing anti-cancer loaded polymeric nanoparticles to promote the sustained release of drug to the tumor site. He is currently a second-year co-advised student in the Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program at the University of Delaware. He is currently working under the advisement of both Dr. April Kloxin and Dr. Catherine Fromen to understand changes in the innate immune system in pulmonary fibrosis.

Research Interests: Kartik is working to establish an in-vitro 2D hydrogel culture model to investigate the role of pulmonary macrophages in fibrosis progression.

Fun Facts: In his free time, Kartik likes to fly kites, play cricket and take part in adventure activities.