Welcome to the website of 2020-2021 virtual Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics seminar series

Virtual AMO seminars will be held on Mondays. The Zoom webinar begins 15 min before the actual seminar start time.
We welcome your nominations of speakers. Please email your nominations to Alexei Kananenka.

Past seminars

Spring 2021

05/17/2021: Roberto Covino, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Discovering Molecular Mechanisms from Computer Simulations with Deep Reinforcement Learning

05/03/2021: László Túri, Eötvös Loránd University
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Electron Solvation in Clusters of Polar Molecules

04/26/2021: Jason Goodpaster, University of Minnesota
New Quantum Chemistry Methodology: Quantum Embedding and Machine Learning Algorithms for Complex Systems

04/12/2021: Arnaldo Serrano, University of Notre Dame
Revealing Protein Structure in Complex Environments using 2DIR Spectroscopy

04/05/2021: Pavlo Dral, Xiamen University
Quantum Chemistry Assisted by Machine Learning

03/29/2021: Tristan Bereau, University of Amsterdam
Physics-based Machine Learning for Multiscale Computer Simulations

03/22/2021: Carmen Domene, University of Bath
Studies of Ion Channel Activation and Modulation using Computational Approaches

03/15/2021: Giuseppe Carleo, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
Simulating Many-body Quantum Matter with Neural Network States

Fall 2020

9/14/2020: Weinan E, Princeton University
Integrating Machine Learning with Physics-Based Modeling

10/19/2020: Venkatraman Gopalan, Penn State University
Probing Emergent Phenomena in Complex Oxides through Nonlinear Optics and Coherent X-rays

10/26/2020: Ignacio Franco, University of Rochester
Quantum Coherence in Chemistry: Tackling the Decoherence Challenge

11/2/2020: Chia-Lung Hsieh, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Ultrahigh-Speed Imaging by Coherent Brightfield (COBRI) Microscopy for Biophysical Studies

11/9/2020: Roman Krems, University of British Columbia, Canada
Machine Learning with Small Data as a Physics Exploration Tool

11/16/2020: Robin Garrod, University of Virginia
A Taste of Space: New Recipes for Making Complex Interstellar Molecules