The University of Delaware now has an institutional membership in the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity ( This innovative organization provides various forms of mentoring and support for faculty and graduate students. It is particularly helpful for junior faculty and faculty from underrepresented groups, but I have found it be extremely informative and useful for all faculty, including senior faculty like myself.

Any faculty member or graduate student who wants to take advantage of the organization’s resources simply needs to let my office know by emailing ( from your UD email address. The resources include:

  • subscription to the Center’s monthly newsletter on topics that include such things as success with publication; securing external funding; integrating the competing demands of scholarship, teaching, and service; overcoming isolation; balancing professional and personal life; and so forth;
  • the weekly Monday Motivator–an electronic supportsystem that helps keep you on track for promotion, tenure, degree completion, etc.;
  • access to the organization’s recommended resources and referral network;
  • access to monthly tele-workshops (one per month) facilitated by Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore
  • access to special guest expert workshops;
  • access to a private and confidential networking forum;
  • the option to be matched each month with an accountability buddy;
  • access to moderated monthly writing challenges.

The founder of the organization, Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore is the author of the book, The Black Academic’s Guide to Winning Tenure without Losing Your Soul—a book I have found very informative for all faculty, regardless of rank.

Several of our faculty have been paying for individual subscriptions to this service, but they will no longer need to do so pay now that we have an institutional membership.

I need to submit the names and emails of faculty and graduate students who want to benefit from this organization.

I strongly encourage faculty and graduate students to take advantage of this opportunity.

Submitted by Dr. Carol Henderson-Belton, AHC Co-Chair on behalf of  Dr. Margaret Andersen, Executive Director – President’s Diversity Initiative