Significantly reduced application processing time

Application processing time has been reduced to 3 weeks!

Application processing time has been reduced to 3 weeks!

The University of Delaware Office of Admissions is excited to announce that it has significantly reduced processing time for undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree programs) applications!

Processing time for completed undergraduate application files is now only 3 weeks!

This represents a significant change in processing. For many years, the university’s average processing time was approximately 8 weeks. Due to recent changes in information systems and staffing, the Office of Admissions was able to achieve a major reduction in processing time.

IMPORTANT: This processing time is only valid for completed application files.


It is critical for applicants to understand that the “clock will start” on the 3-week processing time when:

  1. The application form and all supporting documents have been submitted; and
  2. The University of Delaware has sent an email to the applicant or agent acknowledging that the application is ready to be reviewed.


What do we consider to be a completed application file?

Remember, completed application files must include all of the following items:

Item Notes
Common Application Form Click here to access the form.
Summary of Educational Experiences Form Click here to download the PDF.
Confidential Financial Information Form

Click here to download the PDF.

Note: This is one of the documents that applicants most often forget to submit. The application cannot be processed without this document. 

Forgetting to submit this form can cause delays of several weeks!

Official bank statement Must be written in English
Passport A copy of the page with the student’s vital information and picture.
Transcripts An original transcript must be submitted.
TOEFL or IELTS score This is not necessary for applicants who are seeking conditional admission (students who want to study English before beginning full-time university coursework). Click here to learn more.
ELI’s CAP Application This form is only necessary for applicants who are seeking conditional admission.
AACRAO Credential Evaluation Form

For transfer students only.

Click here to access the form.


For more information, please click here to view the international admissions checklist for the University of Delaware undergraduate programs.


How to submit the required documents

All supporting documents can be uploaded through the Common Application website. This is the fastest way to submit documents.

If you have difficulty submitting documents, you may send them to or Be sure to include the student’s ID number for the fastest processing.

Remember: Failure to submit all required documents will result in a delay of several weeks! Please submit all documents as quickly as possible so that the University can serve you in the 3-week time frame.


Apply now and avoid paying application fees!


Students who apply before March 1, 2016 will not have to pay the Undergraduate Application Fee ($75) or the ELI Application Fee ($100).


Conditional Admissions Program (CAP)

Remember, the University of Delaware does not require international students to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score if they plan to take English courses before they begin their full-time university coursework. This is called our Conditional Admissions Program (CAP).

Our Conditional Admissions Program provides excellent linguistic, cultural, and academic preparation for international students, giving them the tools that they need to be successful at the university level!


Please contact us at for more information about the Conditional Admissions Program.


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