Pit Bikes for Kids

Nothing scares the parents like seeing their kid wants to learn new things or experience something that seems risky. But when it comes to bikes, you can’t deny them the adventure that comes with these fantastic rides. Pit bikes for kids are among the best things you can gift your little one for a special celebration such as a birthday gift, vacation, etc.

But it’s still your duty as a parent to get the bike according to your child’s age. For that reason, this article comes with a simple guide to help you buy a pit bike for your little ones.

How to Buy a Kid-Friendly Pit Bike

There are a few steps you need to consider before you purchase a pit bike for your kid. The age and development level of your little is an important deciding factor in these situations. Also, the safety of your little ones matter so a protective gear is a must have for the pit bikes for little ones.

You need to carry out your research and learn how to choose the right bike for the little motorcyclist in your family without getting worried of any dangers. In finding the best pit bike for your kid, there are features and functions that your young one’s pit bike must-have. Here are the features to consider.

The Wheel Size

Small capacity pit bikes suitable for children are below 125cc. These can be small wheels with a 17-inch front and 14-inch back. Or, they can be big wheel bikes with 16-inch rear and 19-inch front. The difference between these two types is not only on the size of the wheel but the suspension, gearing, and swingarm.

Even though bigger wheels are heavier than the smaller ones, they are far better than the smaller ones because, with their excellent stability and softness, they soak up small bumps with a lot of ease, unlike the small wheels.

The smaller wheels are not given much recognition because their rims can easily bend when riding on a rough corrugated road. But they are also important since they can provide quick turns more easily due to their nimble and light nature. Small wheels are also in variety, giving you several options for your motorcycling friend.

The Kid Height and Age

Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean anything can do. You need to consider your little one’s height, age, and weight when buying the pit bike. Make sure you put into consideration their age and height as this is the most important consideration. You can start by purchasing a small wheel bike when they are young and buy a big wheel bike when they are growing older and have more riding skills.

Height is also a must consider because even for kids of the same age, some may grow taller than the others. You can test the height by allowing your child to sit on both types with their boots to see whether they can reach the ground.

The Size of the Engine

Your kid finds it much easier to learn on a bike that is lightweight with less power if it is the first bike they are riding on. The great starter comes with a four-stroke 50cc. These bikes are excellent at linear power delivery, which gives the little ones perfect control. The 50cc up to 125cc is a great size for a small pit bike. They are perfect in motocross competition by the older riders. Bikes with 250cc are mainly suitable for adults thanks to their power. 

Starter System

In the starting system, there is an electric system and a kick start. Most suitable bikes for young children are starter bikes. Their engines are started electrically, making them easy to start since you only need to press the start button. But with more powerful bikes, kick-starting is always the norm. Make sure you help your kid to start the pit bike if it is their first time riding. Teach them by riding along. Don’t leave them when they still haven’t mastered how to start the bike.

Consider Where The Kid is Going Ride When Buying a Pit Bike

You are not going to buy a pit bike for kids, not knowing where they will ride the bike. But the good thing with the pit bike is that you can ride them anywhere, starting from motocross tracks, mountain trails, desert and dunes, and even wooden areas. But riding a pit bike will also depend heavily on where one lives.

Public tracks that are offering fees to the public use are suitable for pit bike riding since they allow kids to meet other riders and even participate in races. You kid can also find some of the veteran riders who are willing to provide tips and guidelines, making them sharpen their riding skills faster. As a parent, if you buy a pit bike for your kid and don’t have the necessary steps and skills to ride a pit bike, always take advantage of these public tracks and local clubs to get assistance.

Final Remarks

As a beginner, you have to do a lot of research on pit bikes for kids before purchasing one for your little ones. Make sure to involve your kid on the process so that they can choose their preferred colors and specs based on your budget. Note that you are not the one going to ride the bike, so your child is in a position to tell you how and what they feel on the bike. But you should both have an informed decision since all parents always want what is best for their children. An expert guide should also come in handy.

4 thoughts on “Pit Bikes for Kids

  1. Stephen

    My son is turning 5 yrs old in June 2021. He absolutely loves everything about motox and superx. He has been on balance bikes since 3 and already charges his current balance bike round the bmx pump/trail track i made in the garden.

    Already decided his first bike will be electric, mainly so it can be used in garden without annoying the neighbours. Problem now is deciding which one. I’ve spent hours scrolling the Internet for reviews and advice. Looking at:

    Revvi 16
    Oset 16
    Oset mx10
    Kruberg Trial E ( or Hero version)
    Kruberg Cross ( or hero version)

    I would have to buy optional seat for any trials options so it looked more like dirtbike and sit down riding to start off with.

    I want to buy something that is ideal to learn on to build confidence, learn throttle control and braking, but part of me wants a bike that will last him a good few years that he can progress and grow with. ( Hence why didnt list any of the “starter” options from the manufacturers listed above)

    I feel the cost comparison is a little pointless. Ideal intro from balance to motor power would prob be Revvi, considerably cheaper but dare I say in a year or 2 it will have to be swapped for more suitable motox type bike. Especially if he wants to start racing and riding mx tracks.

    Safety is important obviously. More so as my son is just recovering from serious illness, so I need something easily controlled and managed in terms of speed.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
    #stayathomesafe: https://mevacon.com.vn

  2. Curt

    I have a PitsterPro LXR160R and it is not junk at all, but it’s not really a “first bike” for kids either. I’d say look at SSR, Apollo, or Piranha. There is a ton of options for pit bikes in all ranges of quality and power so definitely look for reviews on https://writemyessay.nyc/ before committing to one.

  3. John Samuel

    Mud bikes are usually easier and have a larger suspension stroke than street motorcycles. Street motorcycles are designed for higher speeds https://essaywriteronline.co/. The geometry of the frame in these two is very different. Street bike usually makes turns with a large radius than bike for off-road.


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