United States is world most developed country. Even though Pakistan is less developed still you can get good education information on Gotest. Anyone can get Punjab class wise Online Test information on Gotest. Higher Education System of US is world’s second largest education system as it provides the advanced education. United States of America has high rank and rating in field of education, technologies, armors, and further more and is one of the top three countries. The education System of US starts from the primary level and children of age group six get admission and go on to secondary level. The Primary to Secondary level is consecutively of twelve years which lead to twelfth grade. The primary school is also known as elementary school and the duration of primary level is five to six years. After the primary school, students referred to secondary school.

The secondary school has two standers junior High school or Middle school and secondary school or High School. The Secondary school education consists of grade six to grade twelve. The ranking and rating of the education system of US is so high and the United States has second rank in education over the world.  Ranking of Education is varying between countries all over the world. Rankings are often done through websites, educationists, magazines or newspapers. The education system of US is ranked 2nd in the world and has world best colleges and universities.

The students after completing secondary school education can get admission in college for further education. The college education is known as higher education. College education includes undergraduate studies which is bachelor degree, Graduate studies which is known as master’s degree and postgraduate degree i.e. doctorate degree program. In the United States colleges students are encouraged to discuss the matters and focus on ideas. There are various colleges which are high ranked colleges in the world. We have shared some Information about top ranked colleges and ratings.

Williams College

Williams College is the 1st ranked college of National Liberal Arts according to the ranking of 2020. This is a private college that was established in the year of 1793. Its campus size is 450 acres and has a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,073. Williams College is ranked 16 in Best Undergraduate Teaching, it got 1st rank in Best Value Schools, in Most Innovative Schools its ranking is 35, it is ranked 90 in Top Performers on Social Mobility, and the ranking of this college is 21 in Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects, the ranking of Williams College is 31 in First-Year Experiences, in the Senior Capstone the ranking is 20 and 13 in Writing in the Disciplines.

Amherst College:

Amherst College is a private college which is ranked 2nd in National Liberal Arts Colleges. It was established in 1821 and has total enrollment of 1,855 in undergraduate studies. Amherst College got ranking in following manner. It was ranked 12 in Best Undergraduate Teaching, 3 in Best Value Schools, 18 in Most Innovative Schools, 99 in Top Performers on Social Mobility, 7 in First-Year Experiences, 3 in Learning Communities, 11 in Senior Capstone, 17 in Writing in the Disciplines, and 14 in Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects.

Swarthmore College:

Swarthmore College is founded in 1864 which is a private institute. This college is fall at No3 in National Liberal Arts Colleges according to the ranking of 2020 edition of Best colleges. It uses a semester-based educational calendar. The rankings of Swarthmore College are 9 in Best Undergraduate Teaching, in Best Value Schools, #4, it was ranked 30 in Most Innovative Schools, 148 in Top Performers on Social Mobility, 17 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs at those schools where doctorate is not provided, Swarthmore College ranking is 22 in First-Year Experiences, 18 in Writing in the Disciplines, 23 in Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects.


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