Donald F. Crossan Scholarship

These annual scholarships, awarded since 1992 to rising juniors and rising seniors for academic achievement and an interest in agriculture as a career, are made possible by the UD Agricultural Alumni Association and friends of Dr. Donald F. Crossan, former dean of the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Congratulations to the 2021 Winners – Kiara Earl, Kathleen Mina, Athena Sammons, Zobia Shaikh, and Sarah Snook


Past Winners

2020 Winners – Jocelin Aguilera and David Vega

2019 Winners – Madeline Davidson, Carolyn Lewis, and Ann Lia Sullivan

2018 Winners – Jenna Deal, Alexis Lipnicky, Lydia Schlitzkus, Ashley Taylor, and Amy Wilhelm

2017 Winners – Sarah Clarke, Alexandra Kessler, and Alexis Lipnicky

2016 Winners – Annette Gray and Erica Rossetti

2015 Winners – Melissa Moody and Julia Winkeler

2014 Winners – Samantha Fino, Caitlin Walton, and Jennifer Wengryn

2013 Winners – Kelsey Schwenk and Sarah Tull

2012 Winners – Andrew Bell, Shani Craighead, Alyssa Kennedy, Elizabeth Matseur, and Kelsey Schwenk

2011 Winners – Melanie Allen, Andrew Kness, Craig Parker

2010 Winners – Samantha Chew-Chin, Hilary Gibson

2009 Winner – Wendee Killmon

2008 Winners – Rebecca Green, Kate Kingsborough, Addison Reid

2007 Winners – Whitney Christian, Michelle Lapera, Lauren Southard, Jacqueline Weidman

2006 Winners – Jessica Donnelly, Keith Johnson, Amanda Kilby, Sarah Quigg, Michele Sheppard

2005 Winners – Jennifer Eaton, Jodi Anne Lasko, Jason Peiffer, Lynsey Schoonover, Dusti Vanderwende

2004 Winners – Kathryn Howard, Amanda Pisano, Elizabeth Roy, Greg Stewart

2003 Winners – Elizabeth Ferguson, Hillary Magee, Samantha Sica, Susanna Wingard

2002 Winners – Samantha Kwan, Isis Johnson, Kristen Sentoff

2001 Winners – Andrew “Zack” Skibo, Bradley D. Thompson, Joanna M. Wagner

2000 Winners – Meagen Bergeron, Danielle Downs, Amanda Satriano

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