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Light pollution can impact nocturnal bird migration

Hear Dr. Buler’s comments about a new paper by former lab member Kyle Horton and others at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology examining the impacts of the Tribute in Light memorial in New York City on migrating birds. It recently aired on NPR’s All Things Considered here 

New award from the NOAA RESTORE Science Program!!

We just received funding for a new project titled “A multiscale approach to understanding migratory land bird habitat use of functional stopover habitat types and management efforts” in collaboration with University of Southern Mississippi, US Geological Survey, and US Fish and Wildlife Service. Congrats to Dr. TJ Zenzal for leading this effort!

Research Needs To Understand Effects of Events in Gulf of Mexico on Migratory Birds

Check out this blog from Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute about our recent review paper on the state of knowledge about landbird migration around the Gulf of Mexico. This was a collaborative effort among scientists and conservationists that grew from the research symposium Synthesizing science to inform conservation of songbird migrants around the Gulf of Mexico at the 2016 North American Ornithological Conference.

Photo by Kevin Bennett

The New Migration Science

Our research is featured in a Living Bird magazine article by Scott Weidensaul.

Photo by Ralph Eldridge

Radar reveals birds pile up on shores of the Great Lakes

Our new paper was featured in a bunch of media outlets! (Nature World News, UPI, Breitbart news, Science Daily News, EurekAlert, Bird Watching Daily,

Including a great podcast at Scientific American by  Christopher Intagliata

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