The Delaware Waterfowl Tracker (  is an interactive web-application that allows users to visualize the distribution of overwintering waterfowl within the Delmarva Peninsula.  The app is open to the public and targets stakeholders in the Delaware poultry industry in order to assist their biosecurity efforts to prevent the vectoring of avian influenza from waterfowl to poultry. Susannah Halligan, an undergraduate Wildlife Ecology and Conservation major, with the help of Dr. Buler and Jaclyn Smolinsky within the Aeroecology Program created the Shiny app in R using Boosted Regression Tree models of histroical weather surveillance raster observations of waterfowl as they initiate evening feeding flights from daytime roosting areas. The app shows past predicted monthly average waterfowl density during the winters of 2008 – 2015. We’ve also pinned a few of the “hotspots” where waterfowl tend to congregate.