Paid Advertisements

If you have the budget, paid advertisements can be a smart investment!
If you are hosting a large public event, you may want to consider paid advertisement to boost interest and attendance. Here are some ideas for outlets to consider:

  • Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads have proven very effective for generating interest in campus events. The ability to target a very specific audience for your posts enables you to spend your advertising money wisely. For more information on promoting effectively via social networks, see the Social Media Marketing section.
  • Newspaper Ads: A variety of newspapers circulate throughout the Newark community, including The Review student newspaper. Contact the paper of your choice for information on posting an advertisement.

Make sure the time, energy, and money you have spent advertising your event is used wisely. See Follow Up for suggestions on getting the most out of the advertising avenues you have utilized.

Hosting a successful event is a great accomplishment that can be repeated. Visit the Promote Your Organization section for tips on maintaining excitement and keeping your group in the spotlight.

Whether your event was successful or not, it is essential to consider your past efforts when planning for the future — especially if you spent money to advertise! Check out Learn From Past Efforts for tips on using the work you have done to build an advertising strategy.

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