Current Members


Dr. Suresh G. Advani

Research Scientists

Tom Cender
(Researcher Associates with Dr. Gillespie) “Development of Forming Methodologies for TuFF Composite Materials”
Pavel Simacek
(Research Associate)
Modeling of Composites Materials”

Postdoctoral Scholar

John Wang
(Post Doctoral Researcher with Dr. Prasad)
“Driver assistant and battery innovation to boost range and longevity of electric vehicles and synchronize with renewable energy generation,”
Navid Niknafs
Fiber Orientation during TuFF manufacturing

Ph.D Students

Sofie Sharafi
(Expected 2023)
(Co-Advisor Mike Santare) “Role of high temperature materials in 3D Printing”
Tanya Agarwal
(Expected 2023)
(Co-Advisor Ajay Prasad)“ Fuel Cell Membrane Durability”
Tania Laggavi
(Expected 2024)
“Porosity reduction in Carbon-Carbon Composites”
João Machado
(expected 2023) from University of Porto, Portugal (Co-advisor Professor Nuno Correia of University of Porto), “Bubble Transport in Resin Transfer Molding process”
Uday Balaga
(expected 2025)
”Processing and Properties of Short Aligned Fibers”
Shih-Wen Chen
(expected 2025)
“Void Transport in Resin Transfer Molding”
Shaharear Md Emtiaz
(expected 2025)
“Additive Manufacturing of Thermoset Composites”

Masters students

Sean Magee

“Resin Transfer Molding of Carbon Composites”

Loren Tomlin

(Co-advisor Tom Cender), “Rheology of TuFF Composites

Kyle Morris

( Co-advisors Tom Cender and Erik Thostenson) “Forming of TuFF Composites,”

Andrew Stack

Visitng/Undergraduate students