Policies, Procedures and Data

Clarifying, disseminating, and enhancing policies related to faculty recruitment, retention, and development is an important step toward improving climate on campus. To this end, members of the UD ADVANCE leadership team partner with faculty, administrators, the Faculty Senate, and  AAUP-UD to revise, update, and communicate relevant policies.


  • Family-friendly policies for faculty We developed a brochure to consolidate and highlight UD’s family-friendly policies. Language is from the Faculty Handbook and Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Dual-career hiring We worked with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and an appointed committee to formalize a protocol for dual-career hires, which is being disseminated via a brochure and in meetings with chairs and deans. Read more about UD ADVANCE’s work with dual-career hiring at UD.
  • Formal mentoring for faculty We worked with the Faculty Senate to create a section on formal faculty mentoring in the Faculty Handbook.
  • Promotion & Tenure (P&T) UD ADVANCE had a seat on the joint Provost’s/Senate Commission on the University P&T policy, whose aim was to clarify language and procedures.
  • Faculty Recruitment We had a seat on a working group on Faculty and Staff Recruitment, which developed a protocol for faculty hiring. The protocol requires training for all faculty search committee members.
  • Student Feedback on Teaching UD ADVANCE had a seat on a committee whose goal was to update and clarify the section of the Faculty Handbook related to providing evidence of teaching excellence in faculty promotion dossiers. The committee plans to continue to consider coming up with a better set of questions for student evaluations of teaching.

Data and Institutional Research

Access to accurate, up-to-date data is fundamental to all of our work. We partner with the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness to understand the representation and status of faculty across campus.