Social Science Research Projects

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Pathways to Faculty Career Satisfaction

Research Team: Robin Andreasen, Asia Friedman, Heather Doty, and Shawna Vican
This project examines gender differences in career satisfaction at UD, with special focus on the roles of the department chair, mentoring, collegial support, resource distribution, and transparency in policies and procedures in faculty women’s satisfaction. This project includes inter-related quantitative and qualitative investigations to elucidate not only gender differences but also racial and possibly disciplinary differences in pathways to career satisfaction.

A paper on the quantitative study, “Gender Differences in Pathways to Faculty Career Satisfaction” by H. Doty, R. Andreasen, and D. Chen, has been accepted and will be presented at the 2017 ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) conference, June 2017.

A paper on the qualitative study, “Metrics, Money, and Managerialism: Faculty Experiences of Competing Logics in Higher Education,” by S. Vican and A. Friedman is in preparation.