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Current Members

Dr. Behnam Abasht, Principal Investigator,

Ziqing Wang, PhD candidate

Martina Bordini, Visiting Scholar from Italy

Former Members:

PhD Graduates

Dr. Juniper Lake, Current Position: Bioinformatics Scientist II, Pacific Biosciences

Dr. Michael Papah, Current Position: Research Scientist, Nemours Children's Health

Dr. Zhu Zhuo, Current Position: Research Associate, Department of Biostatistics, the Harvard Chan School of Public Health

MS Graduates

Dr. Joseph Tomlinson IV, Current Position: Computational Biologist, GSK

Weixuan Fu, Current Position: Bioinformatics Scientist II, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Marie Mutryn, Current Position: Senior Associate Scientist, In Vivo Pharmacology, Pfizer

Nan Zhou, Current Position: Data Scientist, private company, China 

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Paul Khodowe, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, University of Zambia

Dr. Mustafa Özçam, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, San Francisco

Amelie Hoste, Department of Ecology, Agrocampus Ouest, France


Daniel Stateman, Jackie Buckenberger, Jess Knowles, William Carnevale, Abigale Buurma , Benney Endoni, Brandon Miham, Brilynn Brothers, Casey Spenser, Connor Pitman, Cory Lousenberg, Davisha Brown, Elisa Peripolli, Emily Wong, Kitty Maguire, Kristen Bishop, Liam Smith, Stephanie Shapiro

Professional MS

Kayla Pettiford