Institutional Purchases

Ordering Process

  1. How to become a proposer:
  2. Log on to the registration site at
  3. If you have an existing Apple ID, please “sign in”.
    1. If you don’t have an Institutional Apple ID, select “sign up” to create one.
    2. Complete the identification fields; enter the security text presented; click “next”
    3. A validation key is sent to your email; copy and paste the key from your email into the validation field; click “continue”.
  4. Select “Continue” on the primary location selection page.
  5. Enter the account number 722265, select country United States
  6. Select the correct school location (only one to pick from), select
  7. this one and click “next”
  8. Select email type and communication preference.
  9. Agree to Terms of Service.
  10. If you have not recently updated your Apple ID, you may be
  11. promoted for security questions: enter your date of birth and  optional resource email address, click “next”.
  12. Choose the role of “registered proposer”.
  13. Enter your manager or supervisor’s name, email address, and
  14. Phone number, click “next”.
  15. Review and confirm your information, click “submit” to
  16. Complete the registration process.
  17. Validation Process- You will receive an in process notification email, followed by a welcome letter. Once you have received welcome letter, you are ready to shop, by creating proposals.

Placing of Orders

  1. Log on to
  2. Select your items.
  3. On the right hand sign, click the “submit”
  4. The screen you are on will have:
    1. Name – pre-loaded
    2. Phone #
    3. Purchaser email – insert
    4. Copy of proposals emailed – pre loaded
    5. In the comments please add your drop ship information and purpose code
  5. Click “submit”
  6. You will receive your acknowledgements, delays in fulfillment, and shipping information directly from Apple

You're welcome to come in and play, but we can only sell Apple branded products to UD students, faculty and staff with a UD ID. Not with UD? We're happy to assist you in purchasing your Mac goodies at the Christiana Mall Apple Store or online at

University of Delaware Apple Authorized Campus Store
University of Delaware Apple Education Store