Creating a KMZ with 7Zip

Since the original KML file of the ship track was 3.4MB and had dependent files, a KMZ was necessary for stability and bandwidth reasons, and the KMZ had to be compressed using the Deflate algorithm. The C# compression (GZip) didn’t have much documentation to help, or details on the specifics of the compression algorithm. Another method was the #ziplib library. I was trying to avoid adding extra complexity to the program from using a 3rd-party library, so I  decided to call 7-zip from a batch script. The program is now run using the batch script as follows:

SMS.exe -k
7z.exe a values.kml placemarkBY.png placemarkY.png
del RVSharp.kmz
ren RVSharp.kmz

The first line calls my program and updates values.kml
After updating the script generates the zip file, the KMZ extension cannot be used yet because of default settings issues
The KMZ is made (after deleting the previous file) by renaming the file from *.zip to *.kmz